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Apr 26

English Student Led

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Apr 26

English Student Led

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Mar 23

Asthma Science song

Feb 26


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The major causes of having Hepatitis are both infectious, and noninfectious. This can include many types of viruses, and drugs. Hepatitis is the inflammation of your liver. The symptoms of hepatitis are that you may have some flu like illnesses, and that you we constantly be vomiting, you will have abdominal pain, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, and your skin, and eyes could turn a bit yellow. If you have been diagnosed with hepatitis,  there are no treatments which are guaranteed to work, but your body should be able to fight off this disease, within the next six months. In order to try and help your body through this process, you should try to rest as much as you can, try to manage nausea, do not drink alcohol, and use medications with care.

Dec 15

Science Pickle Autopsy

Posted on Friday, December 15, 2017 in Learning Moments


Office of the Zurich International School County Coroner

8/12/2015; 8:30 A.M. by

Zoe Johnson , M.D.

E.Sikora, Jr. M.D.

Nidelbadstrasse 49

Kilchberg, ZH 8802


c Whitfield, M.D.

Full Autopsy Performed

Name:John Carter Coroner’s Case #:


Date of Birth: 06/08/1990 Age:  28

Date of Death: 12/12/2017

Gender: Male
Body Identified by:

Mother: Mrs Pickle

Case #:


Investigative Agency:

Kilchberg Gemeinde Sheriff’s Department

The autopsy was started the afternoon of Dec 13, 2017.


4 toothpicks are stabbed in the pickle


5 holes


Some Bullets found

Internal Bleeding


Parts of Shotgun Bullets


It is believed that John Carter died while his gang was in some Pickle trafficking procedure. He then tried to expose his gang, and everyone else to the police. But before he could call them, he was shot various times with a normal gun, a shotgun, and was stabbed. His gang threw his corpse in front of his house. The next morning when Mrs. Pickle went out to get the Newspaper, she found her son’s corpse lying on the graund.

E Sikora, M.D.

Zurich International School County Coroner’s Office

December 8, 2016

Dec 8

Science Blog post Light

Posted on Friday, December 8, 2017 in Learning Moments

What is the angle of incidence?
The angle of incidence is the angle between the incident beam, and the normal. Or the beam of light traveling towards the mirror.

What is the angle of reflection?

The angle of reflection is the angle between the reflected beam, and the normal.

What is the difference between the incident ray/beam and the reflected beam?

The incident beam is when the beam of light is traveling TOWARDS the mirror, and the reflected beam is the the light beam that has been reflected, and is traveling AWAY from the mirror.

Why don’t we see a reflection on a wall?

Because the surface of the wall is not smooth, and because it isn’t smooth, the light bounces off in many directions. (Diffuse Reflection) Angle of Incidence doesn’t correspond with the angle of Reflection.

Why do we see an image reflected in some objects and not others?

Because some objects have Regular Reflection, and some have Diffuse Reflection.

What is illuminance?

How bright the wave is.

Oct 4

Glacier Video

Posted on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 in Learning Moments

Sep 24

Science Video

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Sep 20

Science Blog Post “Less Snow pack”

Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 in Learning Moments

Snow packs are melting due to climate change. The way that climate change is affecting the snow pack, is because its getting hotter and the temperature is rising every year, many snow packs are melting. If snow packs and ice bergs keep melting at this rate, then at the end of this century many cities and states like Cambridge, Massachusetts, Oakland, California, Miami, St. Petersburg, Florida, and four of the five boroughs of New York City will be flooded.


Another collateral effect of snow packs, and ice bergs melting is that life of animals that live in the arctic would be under risk,  because they wont have a home or a place to rest. Thousands of animals will die and some even extinct. We really have to find a sustainable way to stop putting so much Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Feb 10

Posted on Friday, February 10, 2017 in Learning Moments

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