Jun 11

German iMovies

In German we had to do iMovies about the ZIS lion mascot or about the Ghana cup. Kyndal, Lily and I did it about both Ghana cup and the ZIS lion mascot. My favorite part of making the videos was when Lily kicked me and I broke my knee and she broke her toe.
I also had to dress up as the ZIS lion when it was boiling hot. A memorable moment for me when we did the videos was, when Lily almost fainted when she put on the hot ZIS lion mascot, that was scary.


May 20

Sports Day On The Field


I am back to tell you about an amazing event that just happened in the school called… SPORTS DAY. I really liked this event because there were lots of stations (12) and they were all really fun. There was one really horrible station which was number 1 it was where you had to kick a football hard but keep it on the ground. Number 10 was cool but just tiring, the 10th station was doing a handstand for more than 3.00 minutes against the wall, it was really tiring for my arms, hands, feet and legs.
My favorite station was one called the pyramid station, this station was number eleven that was where we had to climb up the school playground pyramid weaving in and out of the ropes up to the top, touch the red ball thing at the top and wait up there for the other group members.

On my next blog post I will put up some pictures of me at EPIC SPORTS DAY!!!

By: Abby Fontaine-Hill

May 08

Marketing & Advertising Exhibition

I would like to share with you some tricks that people use for ADVERTISING! 

The first trick that I found was when they advertise perfect ice cream then they mash potatoes in with the ice cream

The second trick that I found was with cereal, what they do is for milk they use glue to make the cereal stay in place and for the milk to stay white and creamy

The third trick that I found was with cake, they put cardboard in the cake to make everything nice and straight.

Those were the tricks that advertisers use for advertising!


May 08

Exhibition Everywhere


I am Abby the famous Abby as you all know!!!

Recently the grade had a big project, it was called exhibition. The reason I liked exhibition was because I didn’t feel alone, I always had someone along side me throughout the whole process of exhibition. My feelings about exhibition are that… I feel happy that exhibition is finally over because it was all very stressful, why you ask, well I had to talk to people that I really didn’t know or didn’t know at all. Yesterday I talked to kids from Kindergarten to grade 4. That I was even more stressed about because there were so many of the kids.

Would you liked to see some photos, YES, ok then let’s take a look shall we!

Thank you see you next time!

Mar 23

Learning Path Reflection

Today I am going to talk to you a bit about my learning path so far. So first of all if you don’t know what my learning path is then go and on ahead and look at an older blog post about my learning path. Or if not my learning path is: To stay on topic when the teacher is talking or when my friends are talking to.
I have did these learning path recently at one of my FABULOUS tennis lessons, ok so I had just come in to the tennis court and my teacher was trying to explain the game to us and I just stood there and I felt like I was really focusing on what he was saying to me.

Bye see you next time 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mar 10

My 6th iTime Wales

Abby iTime: Wales from ZIS Grade 5 on Vimeo.

Feb 25

Adding Fractions By: Abby + Emilia

Adding Fractions was fun, watch this video to understand more:

Adding Fractions By: Emilia and Abby from ZIS Grade 5 on Vimeo.

I hope you understood adding fractions a bit better from this video and see you next time

Bye 🙂

Feb 17

My Learning Path


I am back again
So today I am going to tell you about my learning path.
First of all my learning path is: To Stay On Topic When Somebody Is Speaking To Me, that is basically my teacher that I have to listen to.
Recently I have done my learning path, how I have done it, I will tell you now. So I was recently with my mum in the house and we were practicing some math together. She was trying to explain something to me, so that I could understand better. But I was to busy looking at my nails and wondering if I should paint them, and file them. My mum told me to remember my learning path and I did because of a chart.
Bye, Abby

Jan 16

My 5th iTime project


Today I will be telling you about my next iTime project. So first of all my next iTime project is going to be, about crystals. I chose this topic because I recently made crystals and I wanted to know more about them. I wanted to know more about how crystals grow, how they form, where you can find them and do they have power.

Bye see you next time…

Jan 08

Little Bits


Partners: Nida and Sofie.
For the past week or so we have been experimenting with little bits. Some videos that we did to show proof that were skipped. What I mean to say is that we had levels for example: we skipped level 4, 5 and six. Then we tried them over and over again and finally we got it here is a video of our success;

Little Bits from ZIS Grade 5 on Vimeo.

Thank you for watching and we will do some more little bits blog posts soon.

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