No more homework!

This is a letter to my Principal about homework:


December 8th, 2011


Dear Mr. Wood,


Kids don’t have enough time to do activities outside or inside school, because of homework. We don’t have enough time to do things that we want to do and still don’t have enough time to do homework; then a teacher will get angry with us and gives us more work or detention. This is in no way fair at all!


We should not have homework at all because not only is it wasting paper, it is not giving us enough time for our own hobbies. Did you know, we already spend 33 hours at school a week, around 3 hours and 30 minutes on homework a week, and then only 7 hours and 30 minutes of time for ourselves! The rest of the time we are trying to sleep after having a stressful day. Even on weekends we are working; the weekend is for relaxation and time to get away from work not closer to it!


87% of the students in the school say that homework affects their personal life. 74% of the students in the school think we have too much homework. 87% of the students in the school say that homework stresses them out. 75% of the students in the school think we shouldn’t have homework at all. Some students have suggested that we have study hall instead advisory and SSR or that we should start homework in class or not have any homework and just work on projects at home every now and then.


Alexander Kjerulf says on his website ( that “There is not one single study that shows that homework helps kids learn. At the same time kids have less and less time to just be kids!”


            I have been in this amazing school for 8 years and every year it keeps getting better and better. But, why not make it this much better and more fun and stress free for kids? If we can do something to help our school why not do it?


With all respect,

Crista Reed-Thomas

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