Science at the Upper School

We were lucky to visit the aquaponics system at the upper school today and learn a bunch of cool stuff about fish, chemicals, ammonia, plants, and poop. Yes poop. Nutrient rich, life-giving, long and stringy, fish poop. Our guides this morning were Dr. Perri (Henri’s mom), Ali Calaghan, and student scientist Maria – thanks ladies for inspiring the next generation of scientists! And of course, a huge THANK YOU to Kendra, Maggie, and Lara for helping transport those scientists.

3 thoughts on “Science at the Upper School

  1. Marie Perri

    You guys are AWESOME scientists! thank you for coming to visit the farm and I can’t wiat to hear more about your own experiments.


  2. acallaghan

    Thanks for such a great visit! I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed doing some chemistry!

    Keep asking questions!

    Ali Callaghan (aka Mrs C)

  3. Dan Post author

    Thanks Marie and Ali! We had such a good time. Those are the kind of experiences that really hook young scientists. Thanks for taking the time to make it happen!


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