Daily Archives: September 11, 2014

Spelling Represents Meaning…

…not sounds, or syllables, or whatever else we were led to believe in our youth. Yes, phonology (what many incorrectly refer to as “sound”) is a conceptual component of English spelling, but the primary, defining component is morphology – the structure and sequencing of MEANING. Has this group of students truly grasped that concept yet? This morning I went with a ‘tried and true’ provocation to find out. I asked them to spell /tu/. See what happened below…

Notice the cognition, the scientific thinking, and the enthusiasm…all inspired by one little word.

The spelling of <two> also offers an excellent opportunity for our newest blog followers to be introduced to the genius of Gina Cooke. When Gina is not commenting on our orthographic investigations, she is busy liberating the world – particularly teachers – from spelling misconceptions and linguistic inaccuracies. Newbees, you MUST read any and all of her posts at LEX.

Gina has teamed up with TED Ed on a few educational videos, each of which has been posted on this blog several times. And now is as good a time as any to post them again!

The first is perfect for those who are now, after watching our scholars hypothesize this morning, curious about words related to the idea of “two-ness.”

This was Gina’s first video. Beautiful.

Mind blown yet? One more for good measure, after which, hopefully, you’ll see the truth.