Daily Archives: September 26, 2014

Suffix Challenge!

After Pete’s visit this week, a few teachers asked me, “How do I start?” Same question I asked for several years, and the same most teachers ask when they see Real Spelling or Structured Word Inquiry for the first time. The activity we did today, I think, would be a good starting point, the kind of generative provocation that can lead in numerous directions, result in numerous discoveries, and most importantly, inspire numerous questions.

Two teams with the same goal. Propose and prove as many suffixes as possible. Go!

My Movie 2 from ZIS Grade 5 on Vimeo.

I loved the debate about a proposed <-id> suffix. That group offered <avoid> as proof, but when questioned about *<avo> as a morpheme, they realized they didn’t have the necessary evidence. The same happened with the word <lid>. We eventually met as a group and discussed the word <horrid>, mostly because several kids are currently writing horror stories. Its word sum would be <hor> + <-id>. The <r> doubles because of suffixing conventions that we are slowly familiarizing ourselves with. While looking at Word Searcher together, Nida pointed out <morbid>. Well spotted, Nida! Thinking that <morbid> had some connection with words related to death, like mortal,¬†I asked our multilingual class for the words for death in other languages.

This picture does NOT do that conversation justice!