Food Documentary Contest


Mrs. Sikora’s class is hosting the next edition. What’s the theme? Food! We have been talking about sustainability issues related to food, local food, food miles, how food is produced and distributed, and the future of food. All terribly interesting stuff. But what has really stuck with the students? What is really important to your child? As they plan for their documentary, students should ask, “What has stood out to me in our discussions of food? What does food mean to my family? Has my attitude toward food changed? What does sustainability actually mean?”

Parents, please ask your child about his/her ideas. Feel free to make suggestions and offer your video-recording services. More details below.

food awards


Possible ideas: (We have discussed these and others in class…any others? Great opportunity for our videographers and food advocates to be creative!)

  • Document your family’s food culture – good opportunity with upcoming holidays.
  • Analyze our school’s food practices, kids’ eating habits, how much food is wasted, etc. – put together a provocative video to inspire change.
  • Make a video of you cooking with local ingredients in the style of a famous chef (I love Gordon Ramsey’s brief clips…lots of angles and different shots…hilarious, dramatic voice over)
  • Conduct further research on one of the many topics we’ve discussed, come up with an entertaining way to inform and inspire others through video.
  • Visit a local farm, interview the farmer…or buy food from the farmer, go home and cook it, and enjoy a family meal…document the whole process.

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