The Lost Pete Bowers Chronicles

End-of-school clearing out also means clearing out old video. I found this deep in the archives of my phone. A glimpse of a very busy “day in the life” of Pete Bowers.

I’ll also take this opportunity to thank Pete and the rest of the amazing orthographic community for all they’ve done for our classroom over the last several years. Whether Old and Grouchy or young and downright giddy, each of you has absolutely changed who I am as a teacher, scholar, and person. I’m off to the middle school next year to teach math, but rest assured, orthography will also find a place in my lessons and investigations.

As for this blog, it isn’t going anywhere. I just may not be adding to it as I have the last few years. The videos will also remain, although I will no longer have the password and editing rights. I will contact the new teacher next year and request he/she take precautions to not delete any of our videos. If there is a video you would like to download, let me know and I will change the settings so you can do so.

I’m sure I’ll make a final post or two as we approach our final school day on Thursday. Until then!

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