Emotional Basket Case

That’s the only way to describe Mr. Allen today. What happened? I even held it together last year when my son left Grade 5. And I’m going to be seeing most of the students in middle school next year anyway! Obviously, my inability to speak coherently and maintain composure is due to how much I LOVE this group of kids.

I made a HUGE oversight by not including the one-and-only Lexi in the Grade 5 video. Sorry Lexi! She happily re-recorded her memory for us and it is now included in the version below.

The kids and I were desperately looking for Ben and Karl’s video from the beginning of the year. We couldn’t find it, but I just did. Silly. Ridiculous. Genius. Here it is kids!

A huge thank you goes out to Tomas Molvidson for being our Room Parent this year, and to all the parents for helping make this class such a special one. Thank you for all of the gifts (that wine looks GOOD!) and all your support throughout the year.

For those leaving, stay in touch…PLEASE. And for everyone else, see you in August!

Happy summer!


One thought on “Emotional Basket Case

  1. Dominica Williams

    I am sure the feeling is mutual. I know that Abby will miss you all. She has been fortunate to have some great experiences. Many good wishes,
    Mici Williams


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