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My name is Dan Allen. This is my seventh year at Zurich International School. In addition to Switzerland, my 20-year teaching career has spanned Texas, Norway, and Singapore. My wife, Shea, teaches Grade 6 English/Social Studies at the villa, and my children, Chloe and Kai, are in Grades 8 and 6 respectively. This is the first year I’ve not been on the same campus with at least one of my children in a LONG time. Sniff…snort…wahhh.

My three top hobbies are food, food, and food. I like to cook it, but I prefer to eat it. Any of it…I’m not picky. My family and I think Switzerland is the best place on the planet to live and play.

Looking forward to a great school year!

10 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. LEX

    Hey, Dan,

    You needn’t post this, but when you read it for approval, you can delete it. It’s the only way I have to contact you.

    I emailed a link of your Power of One post to Doug Harper, the author of etymonline. He loved it, and would like to know if it’s okay with you for him to link to it. I told him I can’t imagine why you’d mind, but that I would run it up your flagpole. I don’t need to middle-man it. If you’d rather he didn’t, then go ahead and email him, or email me, or whatever.

    People *need* to see this.

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    1. Dan Post author

      Sounds interesting. Do your students blog? I’m always looking for other schools and other students to blog with mine…

  3. Mary Beth Steven

    I found your blog last night and am fascinated with the Real Script and Word Sums/ Matrix work you are doing. What materials are you using? I went to the links in your posts and didn’t really find a clear description of what I needed to get started. I teach 5th grade as well and have students who would benefit/love these studies!

    Our school is looking to change from our traditional spelling instruction approach (thank goodness). What you are doing with children is awesome! Do you know of other classrooms using it? Any in the U.S.?

    In the meantime, I will be adding your blog to our blogroll so my students can see what your students are doing with words. Hopefully, I’ll be able to join you in this type of instruction.

    Tell your students I watched the webcast and was very impressed with their work in the classroom and with teaching younger students. Please visit our blog. It’s fairly new (November), but I think we’re off to a great start!
    Mrs. Steven (WI, USA)

  4. Mary McBride

    Hi Dan and Mrs. Stevens. What a great addition to the Real Spelling and Real Script community. I teach in Illinois, just an hour south of the Wisconsin border. My students from first to fifth are using matrices and word sums. They explore words from first on up! Hope to hear more from you both! I love the blog and work Dan is doing. Very inspiring! Mary

  5. Noor

    Hey Mr Allen,
    Remember me? 2 school years have past since I was in your class. Time flies by when you are having fun! I hope I see you when you visit the middle school with the fifth graders!


    1. Dan Post author

      Of course I remember you, Noor! Don’t be silly! I hope to see you as well on our Middle School visit. Thanks for visiting our blog. If you check the archives, you’ll still find old posts from your 5A class.

  6. Sara Rivers

    Dan, I would love to use the video of your students’ conversation about inspiration in a talk. May I have your permission? Sara

    1. Dan Post author

      Absolutely. Thanks for asking, but feel free to use anything you want. I see you’re at a Delaware Valley Friends School. I was so impressed with your schools when I had the pleasure of seeing Gina Cooke and Douglas Harper present last March. Were you there? I just watched the ‘inspiration’ video again because of your request. It’s cool to see how far we’ve come in just a couple weeks. I’m going to ask the kids, again, to spell ‘inspiration.’ I’m pretty sure we’ll have a few “drop the ‘e'” comments this time. Good luck with the talk!


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