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Davos and Student Led Conferences

Yay! Davos! Yay! 7:00 in the morning! Yay…er…ya…um…YAY! Small price to pay for world class skiing and bonding time. Check the Grade 5 blog for more details about the trip.

Also, Student Led Conferences are coming up. You’ll receive more information about that important day later, but for now, we just need to think scheduling. Please indicate your preference at this link.

Thanks! See you bright and early!

Basketball Adventure!

What an incredible day, the kind that will stick in these kids’ memories, and mine, for a long time. We had so much fun supporting our favorite coach, Carlo, and the ZIS varsity boys basketball team. Thank you Peter, Kendra, and Lara for helping make it all possible.

Science at the Upper School

We were lucky to visit the aquaponics system at the upper school today and learn a bunch of cool stuff about fish, chemicals, ammonia, plants, and poop. Yes poop. Nutrient rich, life-giving, long and stringy, fish poop. Our guides this morning were Dr. Perri (Henri’s mom), Ali Calaghan, and student scientist Maria – thanks ladies for inspiring the next generation of scientists! And of course, a huge THANK YOU to Kendra, Maggie, and Lara for helping transport those scientists.

PE at the Upper School

PE teachers for the day? Upper School students! Lucky us!

Vive La France!

…or at least the French speaking region of Switzerland. We’ve had an amazing week so far in Torgon. Nothing new here for parents…just wanted to post these for our regular viewers who don’t typically check the Grade 5 Blog.