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Back from Davos!

We had a great time skiing and snowboarding last week. As always, Maud (our PE teacher), was a star with organization. Below is a quick clip of Brian after lunch one day. More videos will be available throughout this week on individual blogs, along with student reflections. And yes, I love teaching in Switzerland!

Thanks Mrs. Browning!

And thanks to your 8th grade students! We had a great time today visiting your science class, and we learned a lot. Some comments from the students upon returning…

“There’s more carbon dioxide in people’s bodies than outside.”
“The middle school building is like a maze.”
“I liked using the acid in the experiment.Acid in the sea is dissolving shells of shellfish.”
“I didn’t realize how bad the carbon dioxide problem was. The experiments really made me think.”
“Solar panels can be used for energy. It would be better than burning up coal because that causes the earth’s temperature to heat up.”
“We got to burn gas and I got to see my brother.”
“The 8th graders were really cool!”