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Kindergarten Buddies

OK, I admit, the whole buddy thing is really just an excuse for us 5th graders to play with blocks and little dinosaurs and finger paints and dress up clothes and all the other cool things we do NOT have in our classroom. It has nothing to do with the extraordinary connections that are made between these two particular age groups, the “off the charts” cuteness factor, or the general sense of “All is right in the world when kindergarteners play with 5th graders.”

Seriously, we’re missing out. Grade 5 students desperately need time to play make believe and build stuff and break stuff and create their own little worlds…and just be kids. Miss Kristie and I have been doing this for a few years now. BEST buddy interactions I’ve ever seen. Everyone wins.

My Movie 3 from ZIS Grade 5 on Vimeo.

Math, Treasure, and Forest Buddies

We often play a problem solving game to start off math class. I put a random group of about six or seven numbers on the board along with a target number. Students must use each of the random numbers once and only once in an effort to “get to” the target number. They can use any operation to do so. No matter how random we get with the numbers, we always seem to find a solution. Today’s set of numbers, however, stumped us all, including me.

Target Number: 405
Set of random numbers:   8    2    3    10    7    6

I’ll let the home audience try to figure that out. I eventually came up with an expression, but I used a factorial to make it work. The students were happy to learn a new mathematical notation. Can you find a way to get to 405 with a factorial? Without?

LohithSai’s passion project was treasure hunts. He made one for his classmates! Lots of fun, LohithSai…well done!

Forest Buddies:

Our kindergarten buddies gave us beautiful thank you cards for helping them with food research. Then we went outside to play!

Learning about Food with KG Buddies

Miss Kristie, Kindergarten teacher, was nearly in tears this morning, unable to contain her happiness while watching the partnership between her students and mine. And it’s not a one way operation. The 5th graders have enriched their own lives by taking the time to consider how to most effectively communicate with their buddies. Everybody wins!

KG Buddies…Snack Time!

We met our Kindergarten buddies for the first time today…over food! Their unit of inquiry is food related and so is ours. We will do some grocery shopping together next week. KG students will determine where certain foods are from, and Grade 5 students will determine “food miles” – the approximate distance certain food items travel to get to our local Migros.

Thanks for the oatmeal (Swiss oats!) and fruit snack, KG!

Kindergarten Buddies

A couple weeks ago, we met and spent some time with our Kindergarten Buddies from Ms. Kristi’s class. Since then, I get the same question nearly every day from my 5th graders, “When are we going to see our buddies again?”

Today was the day.

We’ve got big plans this year involving gardens, forest walks, and river walks (stay tuned for water proof boots alert!).


Forest Buddies 7/9/12 from ZIS Grade 5 on Vimeo.