Classroom Agreements

In our physical AND virtual/electronic world, we agree to…

  • …respect others (peers, teachers, cleaning staff, parents, etc.) and our environment (classroom, work area, hallways, playground, etc.) and conduct ourselves in a way that allows efficiency, harmony, and maximum learning.
  • …“be cool” – make mature decisions about how we move around the school, communicate with others, work in groups, etc.
  • …be independent and responsible, and in doing so, earn the respect and trust of others and gain the freedom to learn anywhere/anytime.
  • …embrace and celebrate mistakes, recognizing that life would be pretty boring without them and each mistake provides an opportunity to learn.

One thought on “Classroom Agreements

  1. LExi

    You Were The Best Teacher I Have Ever Had!
    And Thank You For Posting The whole Video Again on you Blog To Add Me In The Video
    and if this says a different name or person on the email then it actually my grandma computer! i really want you as a teacher next year or you whif!
    Love From your favorite Student
    Alexandra Weibel LExi Natisala

    P<S i am still with JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


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