Whose is it?

Central Idea: We are all creators and we have rights over our creative work but we also need to respect the rights of others.

  • Level 1 Creative Credit Badge of Power — Earn 200 points by completing the first and second quest activities.(You must complete this level)
  • Level 2 Creative Credit Badge of Power – Complete the requirements for Level 1 and earn an additional 100 points (Quest 3)
  • Level 3  Creative Credit Badge of Power – Complete the requirements for Level 1, 2 and earn an additional 200 points (Quest 4)

Working on level one badge you will be able to

  • define plagiarism
  • understand when and how it is ok to use the work of others







Watch this video called “Create and Share”.

We all have great ideas! How would you feel if someone pretended that your work was theirs? It is natural to want to be recognized for your own ideas or work.

But how do you show that your idea or work belongs to you and not someone else? People often give themselves credit by putting their name on what they create.

Using the ideas of others as if they were your own is plagiarismIt is dishonest and against the school rules. It is important not to plagiarize so you show respect for work and ideas that others create. One way to do that is to give credit by providing a citation if you are using the work of others.

Plagiarism 101 with year 6 by Diane McKenzie CC 3.0 http://librarygrits.blogspot.ch/
Earn your Level One Creative Credit  Badge of Power by completing the following 2 quests:

Quest 1:

  1. Create a blog post called “It belongs to someone”.
  2. You be the judge by checking out these scenarios.  Okay no way  
  3. Make a short movie or comic life of an interview or role play between 2 characters  who broke the rules. Explain why the behaviors are not okay. Be creative. (Ask a friend or family member for help with this part) Post the movie or screen shot of your comic life to a your blog post called It belongs to Someone! (100 points).

(100 points)

Creative Credit L1

Quest 2:

  1. Click this link and learn how to give credit. (make a citation)
  2. Post result to your blog “It belongs to Someone”



This lesson has been adapted from Common Sense Media.

Creative Commons License


Who Owns What? (Level Two Badge of Power)

Working level Two Badge of Power you will be able to: 

  • articulate when it is acceptable to use other people’s work
  • understand the basics of copyright law


Earn your Creative Credit Badge of Power (level 2) by completing this quest. (100 points)

Although the internet makes it very easy to copy other people’s work, there are rules that we should follow. To understand these rules you need to know about copyright.

Watch these videos (Video 1) and (Video 2) to get a better understanding of who owns what on the net and how people show respect for the rights of creators. Read this short summary of our school agreements at ZIS.


Quest 3: To earn your points:

  1. Complete this quiz with more than 70% correct. Please feel free to resubmit as you learn more.
  2. Click on link. You will be taken to middle school to complete this quest.  https://mskmoodle.zis.ch/mod/scorm/view.php?id=11686
  3. Look for Digital Citizenship Quiz. Press enter. Start quiz. (Hint: On the ipad, it is better to close the navigation screens)
  4. Take a screen shot of your final result and post it on your blog under the title Who Owns What?

If you cannot access the quiz above use this link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZtQQTFV9qVOOyjSt6zjtJ2WERWJzWaeU93Tp0NVvHm4/viewform?usp=send_form


Creative Commons License This work by Orlagh Ryan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Creative Credit L2

Bib Me Mighty One (Level Three Badge)


Working on this awesome Level 3 Badge of power you will be able:

  • to understand the reason for citing your sources (give credit)
  • to write a bibliography in MLA format

  Example citation: The Unexpected Journey by Playstation Europe http://www.flickr.com/photos/playstationblogeurope/8630055815
Earn your Creative Credit Badge of Power Level 3 by completing this quest:

You and your partner are going on a treasure hunt. You will follow a secret pathway to find lost treasures. Tell no one what you find! Once you have correctly identified the treasures write a list. Making a list like this is often called making a bibliography.


Quest 4: To earn your points complete the Treasure Hunt (100 points)

1. Make a blog post called Bib Me.

2. List the 3 treasure items in the correct format.  Only those with the correct way of listing the treasures can pass through to the next step.

3. The last step will send you to the library where you can collect your points.

Make sure you have a QR code reader on your ipad. Scan this QR code to find the directions to the treasure.


You can use your library blog to find out how to make your list in the correct way (click here) or use these free online tools easy bib or son of citation machine.

Good luck.

Creative Commons License This work by Orlagh Ryan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Creative Credit L3