Central Idea: Cyberbullying occurs and learning strategies to deal with it are important.

After earning your Cyberbullying Power Badge you will be able to:

  • empathize with the targets of in-person bullying and cyberbullying.
  • recognize some of the key similarities and differences between in-person bullying and cyberbullying.
  • identify strategies for dealing responsibly with cyberbullying

Investigate, learn and take ACTION on cyberbullying. Watch these videos to help you understand, think and get ideas on how you might share your knowledge about cyberbullying. Take ACTION and be an UPSTANDER, not a bystander to bullying.

Consider answers to these thought-provoking questions to guide your thinking:

  • Why do you think people cyberbully?
  • How does your school deal with cyberbullying?
  • Have you ever sent a mean message because you were upset?
  • What would you do if someone created a mean, fake profile for you or one of your friends?
  • How can you stop yourself from being cyberbullied?
  • Who would you talk to or what will you do if it happened to you, a friend, classmate or someone you knew?
  • What are the differences between a bystander and an UPSTANDER?

Web Resources:

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