Savvy Searchers

Central Idea: Effective search skills are essential to help you find good information

Working on this badge you will be able to :

  • understand how keyword searches work
  • learn steps for selecting keywords
  • refine searches by using synonyms, alternative words and phrases








Learning to search the web in a smart way is probably one of the most important skill a person could learn in today’s society. The ability to be able to access and locate information is a skill you will need.  However users need to tell the computer what to look for. That is what keywords are for.

Watch this video to understand how keyword searching works in Google. It is complicated so you may need to watch a few times.

Good keywords:

Play this game with your teacher on the smart board. Precise keywords lead to the best results. Play this keyword challenge game.  This does not work on your ipad sorry. You will need a computer.


  • Level 1 Internet Safety Badge of Power — Earn 100 points by completing the first quest activity.
  • Level 2 Internet Safety Badge of Power – Earn 200 points for completing the second and third quest activities.
  • Level 3 Internet Safety Badge of Power – Complete the requirements for Level 1 and 2 and earn an additional 200 points

Earn your Information Literacy Badge of Power by completing the following quest.

*Quest 1: Key to keywords (100 points)


Earn your Information Literacy Level 2 Badge of Power

 Quest 2: Fetch (100 points)

Quest 4 Making a keyword web (100 points)


Earn your Information Literacy Badge of Power level 3 

Quest 5.  “A Google A Day”.(200 points)

To earn your points:

Put your keyword skills to the test. Your challenge is to answer the three latest challenges. Whilst you are answering the challenges you need to record how many keywords/phrases you used and how long it took to get the answer. You are only able to use keywords and short phrases. Once you have completed the challenges add your results to the blog post called .

Quest 6: Create a poem or song all about keywords. Record it as a movie and post it to your blog.  (200 points)

This lesson has been adapted from Common Sense Media.

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