Central Idea: We need to be aware of how websites use our private information.

In your Privacy & Security Badge of Power quest you will investigate and learn:

  • which information you should avoid sharing online because it is private
  • understand which kinds of websites have privacy policies, and why
  • practice checking websites you visit for privacy policies and privacy seals of approvals
Level 1: Earn 200 points by completing the “Should I or Shouldn’t I” activity.
Level 2: Complete the requirements for Level 1 and earn an additional 100 points 
Level 3: Complete the requirements for Level 1 and earn an additional 200 points
Earn a Privacy & Security Power Badge by completing the following quests:

  • 100 points – “Walk the Talk” challenge.
  • 100 points – Complete a website “Discovery & Review” that informs readers anywhere between the ages of 8-16 about some aspect of Privacy and Security online.
  • 200 points – Propose an idea of you own that “Shows What U Know!” about Privacy & Security online. Before starting make sure you get your teacher’s approval for your idea.


Privacy & Security L1 Privacy & Security L2 Privacy & Security L3