Central Idea: There are differences between Internet friends or in-person friends and understanding how to protect your personal information is very important.

In this quest you will investigate and learn that while people can develop rewarding friendships online they should be cautious with online-only friends and never reveal private information without asking a parent or trusted adult for permission. After earning your Communication & Relationships (CR) Badge of Power you will be able to:

  • compare and contrast online-only friends and in-person, face-to-face pals.
  • analyze why private information should not be given to anyone online without the permission of a trusted adult.
  • know what to do if an online-only friend asks them personal questions.
Level 1 Earn 200 points by completing the first quest activity.
Level 2 Complete the requirements for Level 1 and earn an additional 100 points
Level 3 Complete the requirements for Level 1 and earn an additional 200 points
Earn an Communication & Relationships (CR) Badge of Power by completing the following quests:

  1. *Review, complete and sign with your parents this Checklist for Safe Online Chatting (200 points)
  2. Explore and complete this Online Chat Scenario (100 points).
  3. Get Creative and “Show What U Know!” about chatting and staying safe online: Here are some suggestions to assist you.
      • Be Artistic and create an Informative Poster! (100 points)
      • Write and share an ebook (100 Points)
      • Write a one page Comic (100 Points)
      • Others? THINK! THINK! THINK! You could earn more than 100 points if your teacher thinks your idea is worth it!

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