Central Idea: Students help others to be good digital citizens.

After earning your Self Image & Identity Badge of Power you will be able to:

  • compare and contrast your responsibilities within offline and online communities.
  • reflect on the characteristics that make someone an upstanding citizen.
  • devise resolutions to digital dilemmas.

Level 1 Identity Badge of Power — Earn 200 points by completing the “WIth Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” quest.
Level 2 Identity Badge of Power — Complete the requirements for Level 1 and earn an additional 100 points
Level 3 Identity Badge of Power — Complete the requirements for Level 1 and earn an additional 200 points

Earn a Self Image & Identity Badge of Power by completing the following quests:

  1. Create a superhero & short comic — WIth Great Power Comes Great Responsibility (200)
  2. Design a “super digital citizen” iPad wallpaper for another student at ZIS to load onto their iPad. The wallpaper should describe being a good digital citizen, using words and phrases from what you’ve learned. Maybe you want to prioritize and emphasize certain words by creating a word cloud. Upload your final wallpaper in a blog post and send an email to a class sharing your wallpaper (think and consider how you can send this email without ‘spamming’ everyone). 100 points
  3. Transform your short comic strip into a story with a beginning, middle, and end.  Add dramatic details and flesh out your characters a bit more. If you want; use an online story map or a plot diagram to help craft your story before writing it (Up to 200 more points – teacher decision).

Resources to assist you:


Self Image & IdentitySelf Image & Identity L2Self Image & Identity L1