Welcome ALEKS: Our new online Math platform

Dear 5R community,

First off, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday. I’m looking forward to hearing of all your adventures upon our return. Thank you all for your contribution to a great start to fifth grade.

On to ALEKS!

We are very excited to introduce ALEKS to 5th grade. ALEKS, like many other sites (Mathletics, IXL, Khan Academy etc.), is an online learning platform for math (more here).

Several years ago, the G5 team conducted a survey of a large number of such sites and concluded that ALEKS was the best match for our curriculum and vision for how such a support platform should best work.

This week, all 5R students will have been issued their unique ALEKS username and password. They will also have taken the ALEKS diagnostic assessment, so that the software can attempt to determine where their mathematical understandings lie.

ALEKS can show current understandings through both a pie and timeline graphic.

From this point forward ALEKS will be used in a variety of ways to support the program.

  • for cumulative review and practice of individually appropriate math concepts
  • for ongoing practice of quick facts, across the four operations
  • to cater to different levels of readiness and a variety of learning experiences
  • to consolidate learning connected to current units

We are excited to add this new tool to our math learning strategies!

Some students and families may want to use ALEKS at home as well. This is optional. If you and your child would like to use ALEKS for home math learning we would like to request several things:

  1. Please keep it to a maximum of 30 minutes in a day.
  2. Once your child’s mathematical understandings are diagnosed, ALEKS is designed to intelligently offer only problems that they are ready for. However, nothing is perfect. If your child encounters confusion or frustration with certain ALEKS questions at home, please send them to school with an example of the confusing question the following day, so that they can bring it to their teacher for clarification.
  3. It is important that only your child answer the questions. Please feel free to support their understanding of the questions, but avoid answering the problems for them. This may tell the software that your child has understood a concept that is still not clear for them, leading to gaps in their understanding (more here).

A wealth of further parent resources for understanding and working with your child and ALEKS are available here.

Welcome to fifth grade ALEKS!

New Location

We are excited to announce a new location for the ZIS Lower School Grade Level information. With the launch of the new website the community portal has been redesigned and all information will now be placed there. Please note this blog will no longer be updated.

To access this follow this link (click here) and use your school log in

Celebration reminder

Dear Parents,

June 15th is drawing closer and we wanted to remind you of the procedure for that day:

By 08.45 – all Grade 5 students in classrooms.

09.00 – Grade 5 Celebration commences in the MPR. Parents and family to be seated by 08.50.

10.00 – Coffee, gipfeli, and cake for parents and students in the cafeteria area.

10.45 –  Parents leave

11.00 – 13.00 Students change into casual clothes and teachers do individual farewells in Grade 5 classrooms. Grade 5 party on the upper playground.

13.00 Dismissal

Please note that students should dress semi-formally for the Celebration. No shorts, spaghetti straps or jeans please. Boys should wear collared shirts.

  • We are fortunate to have a talented photographer taking pictures of the Celebration. These pictures will all be shared via the blog for you to view and download by the end of the day on Friday. Please note that you will be asked to remain seated and not to block the view with cell phones and cameras during the Celebration. We invite you to ‘be in the moment!’
  • The ceremony will also be ‘live streamed’ for any family who is not able to be here. A link will be shared on the blog on the morning of the ceremony. It will also be possible to watch this recording after the event.
  • Regarding our Grade 5 party after the celebration, we are hoping to go outside but should it be raining we will plan some indoor activities.  For the party, Grade 5 students are invited to bring their own food – the idea is for them to share a picnic with their friends and… this is one time where the teachers say ‘anything goes!’ So, students may bring treats and chips and other such delights to share! Some of you may plan to have lunch after dismissal, so snack like foods are just fine. There is no sign up for this, students can simply discuss and plan with friends.
  • Please ensure that all snacks are nut-free as we do have  severe nut allergies in Grade 5.

A reminder that June 15th is an early day – dismissal is at 13.00.

Warm Regards,

Grade 5 team