Unlucky Weekend for the JV Boys


On Friday the 24th of October the JV Boys football team traveled to Frankfurt alongside the Varsity Boys, Girls Football and Volleyball teams. Because of traffic the drive took longer than expected. Once the teams arrived at Frankfurt International School (FIS), they were immediately transported to various fields.

The Varsity Boys played the first match which gave the team some time to settle down and get mentally prepared. As it became dark it got really cold and forced the JV boys to stay active and have a good long warm up.

Zurich began the match against FIS in a 4-2-3-1 formation. “The width of the field didn’t benefit our usual ‘tiki-taka’ playing style,” said Alex Graber (’18). Shortly after the beginning whistle, FIS took the lead after a solid run from their winger.

Zurich responded well. Ricardo Rappetti’s (’18) pressure on the FIS goal keeper tied the game. The game eventually ended 2-1 to FIS.

The next day Zurich seemed determined to get a win, and show FIS what they were really worth. Beginning with a 3-2-3-2 Zurich signaled an attacking mentality.

After an early 2-0 deficit, Fredrik Lagerbielke (’18) brought Zurich back into the game with a great 25 meter goal. Dominik Nagel (’18) and Ricardo Rapetti (’18) scored the two following goals which brought Zurich to a 2-3 lead. A penalty followed by a rapid counter attack from FIS set the final score to 4-3 to Frankfurt.

“In a normal tournament match we would have played with 4 defenders once we were in the lead. Since I still wanted to observe some players we kept the attacking formation throughout the game,” said Coach Deutsch.

“It is very hard to play with 3 defenders against a very strong team like FIS. The holding mid-fielders did a great job of supporting the three backs,” said Niklas Haensch (’17).

The intensity Zurich had during both games showed that great potential to achieve strong results in future tournaments.

By Andre da Silva (’17)


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