Cross Country Skiing competes in Marathon Race


On March 8, 2015, Mr. Mullens and 13 of his cross country skiers participated in the Engadin Ski marathon, where they either raced 21 or 41 km, starting in Maloja and ending in either Pontresina or S-chanf in the Kanton of Graubunden.

The team, which consists of 9th to 12th graders, participated in the Cross Country race with over 10,000 other skiers. They began race day with an early 5:30 wake up to take a train then a bus to the start line in Maloja. They then waited for their start times to begin their journey through the Engadin valley.

Averaging at one and a half hours to complete the half marathon, the team had mixed feelings after meeting up at the finish line. Some had beat their personal best and some found it to be the worst experience ever.

On the day before the race, the team had had the opportunity to ski to a glacier in the Engadin valley, while also having the opportunity to meet up with two pro Swiss skiers to touch up on their technique before the big race.

The team arrived back late afternoon on Sunday night, giving them just enough time to unwind and complete their much needed homework.

Written by Nicolas Mile (’17)


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