Lions Enjoy Some Pre-Season Training in Davos











Ten members of the Upper School cross country team traveled to Davos over the weekend for some pre-season mountain training.

Due to the challenging running that the weekend promised (20km a day at altitude!), only selected members were chosen to go.

The team met early at Thalwil station on Saturday, and took a bus to Davos. Once there, they sent their bags up ahead by bus, and ran 12km up to Dürrboden. After enjoying a picnic lunch and retrieving their backpacks, the group embarked on a 12km hike up to the Kesch Hütte. In spite of the many sunburned faces and stiff muscles, morale remained high throughout the evening.

The next day, the students hiked 12km back down to Sertig, dropped their bags on a bus going back to Davos, and ran 13km back to meet the luggage. The highlight of the day for many was making friends with the cows on the trail.

Despite losing a few team members occasionally (don’t worry, we found them again), the team deemed the weekend a success. All members involved were very ready for bed upon their return home, proud to have run/hiked further than a marathon over two days.

All fall athletic teams look forward to tryouts over the next few days.

Written by Caitlin Fowlds (’17)

Photography by Julia Jeker (’18)


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