Seniors Retreat to Engelberg


A few weeks ago, while many other advisories went on one day activities such as discovering Zurich, the 12th graders retreated overnight to Engelberg, a small town near… well not much. We all loaded onto 3 buses and travelled the short drive up. The  constant clouds and persistent rain did not deter most from laughing and smiling among friends. The realization that this is the beginning of the end of our lives as we know them hasn’t really sunken in yet… But the best way to mark the beginning of the end is truly to bring the entire grade together in one place, isolated with the community of people that many of us have known since we were very young. This was our last chance to do so before the crazy that is our senior year sets in.


Upon arrival and with some much needed dinner at 5 pm, we all headed to the Kursaal where we would spend most of the following day completing various daunting tasks. Once we had reached the Kursaal we sat in a hall that can only be described as something that resembles an ornate musical hall filled with carvings of famous composers such as Mozart and Handel. We were shown a TED talk which was about a man named Sean Aiken and about finding your passion, something most of us are still struggling to find. Then we Skyped Mr. Aiken who was surprisingly young and easy to connect to (although many question what he was drinking out of which looked suspiciously like a pickle jar…). We could ask him questions about about finding our passion and advice on what to do if we were unsure of our own ambitions and their connections to our passions. He diligently attempted to answer our complex and demanding questions.


Soon after we went to a campfire and had s’mores, something I have personally not experienced before. I can honestly say that they are interesting and I love the graham crackers. While at the campfire, we all participated in a game where we were tasked with assigning stories to teachers on the trip. Who knew that Frau Rusch dyed her hair pink before her graduation or that Mr. Hinebauch was voted “best buns”? Surrounded by fire, rain and my fellow classmates, this is not a moment that I think I will easily forget.


The next day we all participated in sessions in the Kursaal ranging from writing rooms, to UCAS registration or “what’s on your mind”  to Common App FAQ  and information about Independent Projects. All presentations informative and were a good time to start working on the intimidating task of starting our “future”. In the afternoon we all separated to participate in various fun activities such as mountain biking, participating in a ropes course or doing different activities at the sports center ranging from tennis to curling to ice skating. The activities were a good opportunity to bond, to see who knows how to ice skate and who knows how to hold onto a ledge. The activities were a fantastic time in the end, although the bikers came back quite muddy.


There will not be another opportunity where the class of 2016 is as together until graduation. To the seniors I say; keep in mind these people in your grade are those that leave with you on your graduation day, the time we have left together is growing smaller. Make it count.


Sonja Milekovic ‘16


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