Lions’ Girls’ Volleyball Team Has a Successful Start To The Season


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The Varsity and Junior Varsity Volleyball teams started their competition season over the weekend, in a tournament with multiple Swiss international schools.

The Varsity team’s first game went by in a flash, with the team winning both sets with scores 25:14 and 25:11. With the second game being similar to the first, Natalie Rombel (’17) and Ruhika Singh (’17) made some effective spikes, gaining the team points for a second win of the day.

The last game of the day, against ISL (International School of Lausanne) was the most challenging. There were intense rallies between both teams and the end result was a tie.

Although the team hasn’t won all games, they had a strong start to the season and are looking forward to the next games in the future.

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Junior Varsity, like the Varsity team, played a total of three games. The team had a strong start, winning their first game. However, the rest of the day started to get challenging. Although all teammates were making impressive serves, it couldn’t help them achieve another win. The scores were 17:25 and 25:12. With Malia Meyer’s (’18) determination to get every second touch and Alyssa Thomas (’18) hitting down balls, JV tied their last game.

Overall, both Varsity and JV have had a great start to their season and are sure it will continue to be successful.

Written by Ariane Albert (’17)

Photography by Sofia Oteiza Negri (’17)

volleyball 12th Sep


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