Varsity Boys Football Compete in Northern Schools Tournament


Bright and early on Saturday morning,  the Varsity Boys Football team traveled to Basel to compete in the Northern School Tournament. Arriving at 9, Zurich went straight to warm up to prepare for their first match against ISB.

Having beaten Basel last Wednesday 4-1, they were looking for revenge. However, Zurich was disappointed. The so called tournament consisted of two friendly games and we had to play 9 a side (instead of 11) on a pitch was realistically meant for 7 a side. Zurich got on with it, and managed to go up 1-0 with a brilliant strike from Alberto Fernan (’16) into the top left corner. Basel responded quickly to tie the score, 1-1, and with another strike Basel gained the lead. Zurich managed to make the score 2-2 after Kyril Dreyfus (’16) tapped it over the line. The game ended with a final score of 2-2.

The second game was held one hour later against TASIS. With confidence and experience with the small pitch, Zurich played some solid football with great passes and a lot of possession. Unfortunately, TASIS managed to struggle the ball over the line to give them the lead. The Varsity Boys were quite shocked, and it took them a while to get back into the game. Alexander Glansk (’18) played a great game in the back row. For our great streak, Andre da Silva (’17) managed to score after confusion in TASIS’ box to give us the 1-1.

Zurich took these two games as a learning experience, and are looking forward to their two away games in Munich this upcoming weekend.

Written by: Henrik Amstutz ‘17

Photography by: Coach Johnston


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