Strong Opponent Munich Brings First Defeat for JV Boys


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This weekend, the JV Boys Football team traveled to Munich, not for the beer or Weisswurst, but to defeat Munich International School.

Instead of wearing Lederhosen, the boys were shin-guard-clad for the 6 o’clock kick-off Friday evening.

The game was very tight, with both teams having several opportunities but neither side managing to convert them into goals. The second half became increasingly nail-biting though the final score remained 0-0. We all knew autumn was upon us when dusk fell and Mr. Lakin said, “my old eyes could not see to the ball on the other side of the pitch”.


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The next morning, fresh and brisk, the boys were even more determined to win. At 11:30 the game started. Soon after, MIS managed to sneak through our defense and take the lead. Fighting back, we managed to equalize with a beautiful goal from Tim Reif (‘18), which made it 1-1. With one of our key midfielders, Sam Reza (‘19), injured, we struggled to maintain control of the game and unfortunately we ended with a 3-1 defeat.

The team made strong plays but sometimes the ball just seemed to slip through; hopefully, when we meet Munich again at SCIS, we will show them what we are really made of.   

By Cornelius Carlsson (’17)

Photography by Coach Johnston


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