Varsity Boys Remain Unbeaten










Last Friday, the Zurich Varsity Boys Football team played against ICS (Inter Community School of Zurich). Zurich entered the game, hoping to continue their unbeaten record.

Starting the first half, Zurich swiftly took control of the game. Gabriel Ecclissato (’17) managed to give Zurich the lead. The first half quickly came to an end, and the second half started.

Because of Zurich’s terrible defending and lack of communication, ICS managed to score 2 quick goals in succession. Zurich, now losing 2-1, attacked every chance they got hoping to get a tie. James Boakes (’16) shot from outside the box and managed to give Zurich the tie. The game ended 2-2; Zurich Boys are still unbeaten.

Varsity Boys leave for a tournament in Vienna on Thursday.

Written by Henrik Amstutz (‘17)

Photography: Creative Commons


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