Tough Opponent Frankfurt Returns Home with Head Bowed Against Lions’ JV Football Team



On Friday afternoon, the Junior Varsity Football boys took time to thoroughly warm up before their big game against the “Frankfurt Warriors”. This would be the JV Boys’ last game before the SCIS (Sports Community of International Schools) European Championships in Vienna.

The first half of the game was a struggle. The boys were not confident handling the ball and lacked team chemistry. The second half, although much better, still proved an intense battle of keeping the ball out of our net. The match ended with a nil – nil draw.

On Saturday morning, the boys were back on the pitch for another shot. Our main goalkeeper, Peter Ooms(‘18), was away with his club team, making Alex Crenshaw-Hovey (‘18), who is not a regular goalkeeper, have to step in.


This worried some of the team members; however, Mr. Lakin, our coach, still kept a positive outlook, and joked, “we have had nine ties this season, we really should be called the Zurich Tie-gers, no but seriously, let’s try to make this a win.”




The JV Boys re-claimed their righteous mascot as, just minutes into the first half, Sebastian  Eklund (‘18) scored a pouncing tap in, followed by another goal from Cornelius Carlsson (‘17), putting ZIS in the lead with two goals to none. Luckily for Frankfurt, a penalty was awarded, bringing the score to 2-1, but it stayed that way.

pic 1 (pls post)

The Zurich Lions had outsmarted the Warriors’ strategy and dribbled past their dignity. The Warriors now headed back to their arsenal to re-stock for SCIS.

One of our Lions, Dominik Nagel (‘18), was slashed down to the ground with a kick to the face in the second half. Hopefully he too will get better soon!


Written by Cornelius Carlsson (‘17)

Photography by Tzur Rochvarger (‘17)


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