Boys Rugby Team Starts To Show Promise Against ASL


13351298025_9097c8711d_oOn the 23rd of October, the Zurich Varsity and Junior Varsity (JV) rugby teams were getting prepared for their most physical games of the season.

The Varsity rugby team played two games over the weekend – both of them versus ASL (American School of London). The rugby team lost both games. The first one they lost 50-0, while the second one they lost 26-38.

The Zurich boys knew that their position in Division Two could mean a difficult game against a Division One team such as ASL. However the Zurich Varsity team played their best and gave 120% effort.

This was most evident during their second game. During that game on Saturday 24th of October, the boys showed prowess and will as they won over rocks, competed for scrums, and, most of all, committed to the tackles. Also a special mention to the Junior Varsity players who played the second game with Varsity – especially Chris Langford (‘19) who scored one of the tries during that game.

While the Varsity boys were playing ASL, the JV team was playing a local club. The local club was said to be able to beat the ASL team with no problem. The JV team lost 10 tries to 2. They played their best game of the season, even if they lost.

The games for Varsity showed a great contrast between the blow they received on the first day, and the blow they gave on the second. JV, as stated before, played one of their best games this weekend.

Mr. Burnham told the Varsity team that, after that second game, he could see that the team was ready for ISST’s (International School Sports Tournament).

Written by Thomas Demoulin (’17)

Photography by Creative Commons


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