Varsity Boys Football Place 3rd


This weekend both Varsity Football Girls and Boys travelled to Locarno to compete in the SGIS Tournament.

On brilliant facilities, the Varsity Boys were supposed to play 3 games on the 1st day, 3 on the second day, hopefully the third being the Final.

Our first game we kicked off against International School of Laussane (ISL). ISL came here to claim their third victory of the SGIS Tournament.

Zurich started off well, with confidence and good ball control. James Boakes’ (’16) leadership skills gave us the 1-0 lead after Andre da Silva (’17) scored over the powerful team.

Towards the end of the second half, Zurich became exhausted due to continuous attacks from ISL.

The game ended 1-1 after ISL broke through and managed to score.

Two hours later Zurich warmed up for their second game against Lyceum Alpin Zuoz (LAZ). Zurich struggled with their aggressive striker and their strong midfielder, but managed to get 1-0 ahead.

Zurich managed to hold the lead until the second half when their striker got through on goal and managed to score. This game also ended 1-1.

Varsity- HenrikZurich’s last game of the day was against The American School of Switzerland (TASIS). Due to overly aggressive strategies from TASIS and a poor referee, the game spiralled which neither teams managed to control.

The Varsity Boys suffered a 2-0 loss, costing them the points to play through the finals.

The second day, Zurich was tired and sore, but were ready for their two back to back games early in the morning.

First playing against Leysin American School. Gabriel Ecclissato (’17) managed to get Zurich into the game. Alberto Fernan (’16) scored two goals in the next two minutes. 3 minutes later the score was 3-0 for Zurich.

A sloppy start in the second half gave LAS confidence and one goal, but Zurich managed to keep the 3-1 win.

Our second game was against Institut Montana Zug (IMZ). The team got smashed the day before, so Zurich entered the game confidently. An error in the back gave IMZ a lead in the first or second minute.

The Varsity Boys came back, and managed to score 7 goals in the game. A hattrick by Alberto Fernan (’16) showed his brilliance.

Alberto managed to take out five defenders and curl the ball in the back of the net. Riccardo Rapetti (’18) also scored a powerful header and a lucky shot, and James Boakes (’16) scored a left foot power drive in the bottom corner. Christian Jorgensen (’17) scored a nice volley as well.

The Varsity Boys managed to qualify for the game for third place against TASIS. Zurich’s character and motivation allowed them to keep up a high intensity and dominate the game.

Managing to score one goal in each half, gave them the well fought 2-0 win and the 3rd place of the SGIS Tournament.

Three players from Zurich Varsity Boys made it into the All Stars Team, Alberto Fernan (’16), Alex Graber (’18) and Kipras Undzenas (’18) were proud to collect their medal.

The Varsity Boys hope to continue this determination and confidence to win the ISST Tournament in Athens in two weeks time.

Written by Henrik Amstutz (‘17)

Photography by: Henrik Amstutz (‘17)


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