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Many of us embark on the journey. We work hard for a year; raising funds, selling baked goods, organizing awareness events. As students, we get together as a team and work hard to achieve our goals of helping our cause: Bosomtwe International School. We go down to Ghana, experience the challenges of travelling to Western Africa first hand and we meet amazing people and smiling children. Make friends with the project our school works so closely with, an incredible experience overall. But what happens next? Do our duties as Team Ghana just pass onto the next group of students who are working towards their journey down?

Unfortunately, due to the tragic outbreak of Ebola last year, the 9th graders who usually would’ve travelled to Ghana were not able to. Having this happen along with many other things may have deteriorated the presence and Team Ghana spirit within our school community. However that does not mean that the club is not running and that the efforts towards BIS are no longer active.

Elle Butner (’17) has done an incredible job at reinventing this service club. She has taken charge and recruited Team Ghana alumni, giving them the opportunity to stay connected and active members of this project. The group meets on Monday lunchtimes and work together towards planning events, raising awareness and a lot more to keep the lively spirit of BIS within the Upper School community.

Currently, the Team Ghana Service Club is most concentrated the organization of its biggest event: EtravaGHANzA.

This event which is usually run by parents has now been handed to the students. The responsibility is large and the organization is a challenge – however the group is extremely determined to prove themselves and coordinate a successful and effective awareness event. Divided into committees, the Team Ghana Service Club is pushing forwards to arrange the food, decoration, entertainment, advertisement, awareness presentations and a lot more. Students who embarked on their Ghana experience years ago, those who just came back and students who are planning to travel in June all make part of this large Team Ghana collaborative.

An Upper School service club that may have been forgotten about to some extent is coming back to life – hoping to impress the whole school community with this one fundamental event as well as many other efforts that will follow.  

All in all, Team Ghana is still alive within our Adliswil campus. If you have any interest in our schools partnership with BIS and the contributions we make towards Ghana, be sure to drop by the Team Ghana Service Club Monday meeting or consult Elle Butner for how you can help.

Blanca Antuna ’17


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