Lion’s Varsity Volleyball fight for Third at Division One ISSTs


Alex CoxThe Varsity Volleyball girls traveled to London to attend the annual Division 1 International School Sports Tournament (ISST) from the 11th to the 14th of November 2015. The American School of London (ASL) hosted the ISSTs of 2015.

The girls flew in on Wednesday and used that day to relax and prepare for the upcoming matches. The teams attending were as follows: Cairo American College (CAC), TASIS England, American School the Hague (ASH), the American School in London (ASL), St John’s International School (SJ), Cobham International School (ACS), International School of Brussels (ISB) and Zurich International School (ZIS).

Thursday, the 12th, was the first competition day; the girls were going to be playing 4 games that day. Since the matches were a round robin, where all eight teams played each other, the girls had to make sure that they won all their games in order to place.

The first game was against CAC, a team they haven’t played yet this season. The girls won both their sets, starting their morning with their first win. Their second game was a little tougher than before.

They played against TASIS London, who they played earlier this season; however, rumor had it that the team now had their start players with them. The Lions started off strong, winning the first match, but then lost the second. The TASIS girls put up a good fight and both teams ended up playing all three sets; the Lion’s won the last set.

Their third game of the day was against Cobham, this was the team that beat them the last time they played each other. Once again the game went on to three sets; the Varsity Lions won again. So far the girls were very pleased with their results, but they knew that their next game would be a challenge and they’d have to play the best that they could.

The Varsity Lions were going to play against ASH, a team they have lost to multiple times before. However, the girls were very determined to put up a fight. Although we had Frederika Sommer (’19), our setter, giving the Lions perfect sets to spike, the ASH girls were stronger and ready to hit back. Sadly, the Lions lost two sets, but there was still a chance for them to place in ISSTs.

The next day the girls were reenergized and ready to play, promising to achieve their goal that coach Myndio had set for them: winning the first game of every single game. And that’s what the girls did against Saint John’s.

pic 2

The game against ISB didn’t go as the girls wished. Sadly, they lost both sets, even though they put up more of a fight than last time they’d played ISB.  

Their last game was against ASL, the hosts of ISSTs. All of their friends, family and teachers came to support the team and it was as if the Varsity Lions were playing against the crowd. ZIS lost the first set; however, in the second set they got very close to winning with a score of 23:25. This meant that the ZIS girls were still going to be playing for 3rd against ISB.

On Saturday, the last day of the tournament, the girls were pumped and ready to play against ISB. They crushed the team in the first set, but sadly lost their touch in the second and third set, where they lost. The Lions had one last chance to try and win the set back. Unfortunately, the lions lost the set with 23:25.

So the Varsity volleyball team made 4th place in Division 1 ISST. Some players who played really well were Ruhika Singh (‘17), who was spiking with all her might, and Natalia Rombel (’17), who was awarded an All Star player.

Madga Lobanidze (’16), our only senior, concluded the season by saying, “Our team has developed immensely over the last 11 weeks – not only with technique, but also with our identity and understanding of each other. I am very proud to have been a part of this young team and I can’t wait for them to experience the successes in the years to come. I know they will only grow to become an even stronger unit than they already are.”


Written by Ariane Albert (‘17)

Photography by Alex Cox (’17)


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