PAMUN Postponed after Paris Attacks


On Friday 13th November 2015, there were multiple attacks led by the extremist group ISIS in Paris. A total of 129 people died from the attacks and more than 300 are still in hospital, some of whom are in intensive care, according to the New York Times.

Some Model United Nations representatives from ZIS were going to go to the Paris MUN conference that would of taken place in Paris, but unfortunately due to the attacks that occurred on Friday, it had to be postponed.

Maxwell Stroemer ‘19, a delegate scheduled to attend PAMUN states that many were looking forward to going on the trip and that it is a shame that it had to be postponed, but it is ‘’for the best’’. Thomas Demoulin ‘17, told me that there was a new date set for when the MUN representatives are going to go to Paris, which momentarily is set for 15/02/16.

‘’Being French, this situation was very scary for me and my family.’’ said Nico Thiry ‘17

Sam Daniels ’18


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