How You can Help Paris


Two weeks ago in Paris, one of the deadliest terrorist attacks that Europe has ever known, caused the death of 130 people and injured several hundreds of others. When the City of Lights turned dark, the cities of around the world were illuminated by the French flag’s colors.

Following this symbol of solidarity, people from around the world have now begun asking how they can help France. If helping people is what you want to do, then here are some actions everyone can take to help Paris:

  • The French Red Cross – You can donate to this organization to help any suffering person, however, you must know that your donation only goes for emergency destinations, and thus may not necessarily go to the Paris Terrorist Attacks’ victims.
  • Friends of Fondation de France – The FFDF is a US public charity that supports France, you can donate to them as well by looking at
  • The French Secours Populaire –  A nonprofit group that provides support during emergencies.
  • And finally, as Paris is not the only city in need of aid, you can donate to the organization Doctors Without Borders, which helps people worldwide by delivering medicine and emergency to everyone.

To conclude, even though the Paris attacks tore families apart, it brought people from across the world together. Hand in hand, everyone is willing to do something good, you can help, we can help, as long as everyone stands together.

Alex Karapancsev ’18


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