Auction and Charity – The Mysterious Reindeer


On December 2nd, 2015, the Grade 9 Foundation Art class placed reindeer sculptures around the ZIS high school campus in preparation for an online charity auction.

The Grade 9 Foundation Art teacher, Mr. Pace, said “This was a project that was based off the Cows on Parade that was started in Zurich where they give individual artists fiber glass cows, and they can do what they want with them. Some chose to alter them sculpturally or visually and then they’d place them up around. Each one of them was then auctioned off for charity.”

reindeer 2

The reindeer are thematic to the month of December, and each one of them is attached to a charity. They are being auctioned off online, and the price paid for each reindeer will be donated to the charity that the reindeer is attached to.

“The idea is that everyone starts with the same starting point. The same template was given to everyone. And then, what can you do from the same starting point. Students looked at a variety of artists that they would gain influence from because that was one of the criteria of the project, is to have influence from another artist,” said Mr. Pace.


Clara Drost Jorgensen (’19), a Grade 9 Foundation Art class student whose reindeer can be found on the second floor among the couches outside of the science classrooms said, “I first got inspired by Giacometti and Jim Dine to do something with a skeleton, as it had some thin body designs and cold blue and purple colors. Giacometti has some sculptures where they are mostly skeleton-like figures, which inspired me to make a skeleton-like design. Jim Dine had a lot of skulls in black and white, and brown (vintage-like).”

The different reindeer sculptures around the school have information written about the artists who inspired the pieces, their styles and the charities which the reindeers are attached to.

“They all made individual designs and then placed them into groups and then they, from the individual designs, they agreed upon a final design, so a lot of them were blends of different ideas,” said Mr. Pace.

reindeer 1

“As a group we combined Jim Dine’s skeletons and KAWS’ doll designs together to make an inside out theme. KAWS’ designs are where half of the body is like the insides of a human, and the other half is like black scarfs wrapped around the body. We combined the two designs by having one of the sides be the x-ray of a reindeer, and the other side, the insides,” said Clara.

Combining two artists’ styles into one sculpture had its challenges. Frederic Macdonald (’19), another Grade 9 Foundation Art class student, whose reindeer is located at the front of the school by the main office, said “The most challenging part of making our reindeer was finding a way to integrate these two artists with our piece. We had to mix their two ideas and concepts to make one reindeer.”

Freddy's reindeer

Regardless of the challenges these students faced creating their sculptures, the reindeer look beautiful and unique. They are still around the school and the auction is live.


Andrew Ehrensperger ’16

Photos Courtesy of Mr Pace


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