Mig and the Bois Triumph at Battle of the Bands


Last Friday, April 22nd , ZIS hosted the second annual Battle of the Bands. It was a night jam-packed with laughter, banter between the judges and the MC’s (mostly comprised of Mr. Hoke taking his role as a judge a bit too seriously, ‘judging’ the audience as well as the performances), and of course, a plethora of musical talent.

Put simply, Battle of the Bands is an event comprised of various bands vying for first place and bragging rights in a “knockout” style competition – each band plays a set of two songs in the hopes of advancing to the finals, where they play their third and last song.

On Friday, six bands took to the stage:Battle of Bands-042- Apr 2016

Mig and the Bois

ZIS Ukulele Orchestra

Two Shades of Gray (Winner of the most creative band name)

Destiny’s Grandchild

Truth Bomb (from ISZL)

Hull School Band

Every band brought something unique to the table – whether it was Truth Bomb’s intricate guitar and bass riffs, Destiny’s Grandchild’s three-part harmonies, or the Hull School Band actually pulling off Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and getting the audience to sing along.

And of course, who could forget Mig and the Bois’s mid-song stage change in the final; after Robin Blackwell (’17) and Miguel Aragon’s (’17) resounding guitar and bass solo, the band’s cover of “I Will Survive” appeared to come to a close. That was until front-man Martin Kessler (’17) hastily dropped his guitar, scrambled to turn off his amp and picked up the drumsticks, while drummer Jacob Gilfry (’17) simultaneously proceeded to jump out of his stool and finish off in style with an amazing trumpet solo.

If you hadn’t already guessed, Mig and the Bois were the winners of Battle of the Bands 2016.

As the main organizer of Battle of the Bands this year, I just want to quickly thank everyone who was involved: the bands, the judges, the film/lighting/tech crew, student council, and lastly, everyone who came to watch and support. For me, Battle of the Bands was always just a fun (for lack of a better word) event to showcase the wide variety of musical talent that ZIS students have, and give bands another gig opportunity (as there are too few in the year). For the first time, there were also bands from outside of ZIS participating, and I applaud their courage to perform in front of a foreign crowd, and hope that they’ll join us again next year.

Again, thanks to everyone who showed up on Friday, and I’m excited to see what Battle of the Bands 2017 will bring!

Raghav Maheshwari (’16)


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