XC Team Heads to Train at Melchsee- Frutt


This weekend the Cross Country team made their way to the mountains to the quaint town of Melchsee- Frutt for their annual mountain training weekend.

The team enjoyed three days of intensive running amongst the serene surroundings. The team worked hard to improve speed, build endurance, and push themselves, depicting the very spirit of the sport. New runners came to realize cross country running requires as much mental strength as it does physical, while more experienced runners strived to master control of the mind, as all runners battled the mountains. The minimum distance run by a group was 27 kilometres (over half a marathon), while other groups ran between 30 to 40 kilometres.

As always the trip consisted of so much more than running, and highlights include Jamie Oliver level meals, trail mix, cold showers, singing, sliced ice cream, ninja competitions, late night chats, talent shows, and an overall feeling of camaraderie.

This weekend was only a start to a fun season of hard work and achievements. The runners are training for their upcoming races at Munich, Frankfurt, SGIS, SCIS, and much more.

Special thanks to Coach Mullens, Coach Molly, and Coach Sloop for their support and encouragement.

Written by Simran Raheja (’19)mountain training 16


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