ZIS rugby narrowly loses to ISZL in intense heat.


On Friday September 2nd, the Lions’ rugby team was set to play their opening game of the season against local rivals, the International School of Zug and Luzern (ISZL). After a historic win over them at ISSTs last year, this game would serve to give an insight to the new season.

Unfortunately, the game was delayed as one of the ISZL players suffered an injury during the warm-up. After a lengthy build-up, the game was able to go ahead in the scorching heat. ISZL took the lead with two converted tries, but then Gregor Gray (’19) broke away to score a great solo try. The Lions were on the front foot before half time, and were about to equalize when a player from ISZL broke away and scored a controversial try.

After a much needed break, the Lions set out to try and recover the lost score. By the end of the second half, the Lions had managed to score 2 tries, but unfortunately so had ISZL, resulting in a 33-19 defeat for the Lions.

Overall, the team was very satisfied with their performance, especially considering that there were so many new faces on the team. The Lions travel to Munich this weekend to play two games against MIS, and look forward to a successful season!

Written by Carlos Simón (’17)

Photography by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bygeorge-co-nz/5146670974/in/photolist-8QN2Ys-fLP9Kh-fLP9nW-sajRb8-5XEuj6-pWrZo-HHVNUX-fLwAjx-rJwzty-aE582w-9xuKga-ak8L7u-9xxLyb-9HYyCV-9xRyd2-azvTep-9xUrwA-rdnGdf-7FdrSV-fLP9Xj-9xUFzD-rs5gJ1-qMCVPJ-7FPuPV-9xRBQD-9xUqps-tYcfqv-9xUqWy-fLP9Zs-bWh2qi-xD99kL-9xUBZx-9xURsL-o7rHRq-9xpRsN-8vFSUj-GNfNfW-axHNoE-3GGPZm-9XTW59-ddpjz9-HXKNiy-7SN4DD-G9JALB-4BVC17-HHVPEK-HizJ29-saew3u-HHVQyt-F1z5P



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