Meet the New Varsity Coach: Coach Taylor


In the 16-17 Volleyball season, the Lions Varsity team are welcoming Coach Taylor as the new Varsity coach. As we all know, with great power comes great responsibility, so I am sure many are interested to learn a bit more about the new set of hands to the Lions coaching team.

The first thing that was thought of was experience, could he compare to the experience that had been shown by the Lions Volleyball coaches in the past?, and to that a yes is deserved. Coach Taylor has played Volleyball for 16 years although whilst growing up on a beach, he took of a liking to that discipline of volleyball. Despite his long background in playing Volleyball, a new aspect of Volleyball to Coach Taylor is coaching a Varsity team.

Coach Taylor states that he is excited to work with the Varsity team which after try-outs is a mix of very talented veterans and fresh young talent, to develop the team into one and become a highly successful team.

Furthermore, taking over from Coach Myndio, who was an amazing role model and coach to the many young women that went through the Lions Volleyball program, is a big role. However, Coach Taylor is honoured to be able to continue this “tremendous Volleyball tradition” and is willing to work his hardest to be a good Varsity coach for these young athletes.  

The Lions Varsity Volleyball team are hoping to show the ZIS community what we’re made of at the upcoming home invitational this Saturday, 10th of September.


Written by Sarah Felicity Black (‘18)Image result for volleyball and net




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