Cross Country Team runs a Marathon Together


Talk about team bonding!

This previous Sunday, 8 cross country runners and 1 coach took an early morning train to Basel to compete in the annual relay marathon. Unfortunately, 3 of our runners were too young to compete in the marathon relay and therefore competed in the “Jugendlauf.” Lucas Frauenlob (’20) won his race of 2.3 km with an impressive time of 7 minutes and 20.3 seconds scoring him first place. Riley Sullivan (’20) also competed in the same race and received a time of 9 minutes and 44.4 seconds. Close behind him was James Scanlon (’19) with a time of 10 minutes and 38.4 seconds.

As for the marathon, the six legs were run by Mr. Mullens (coach), Miguel Aragon (’17), Isabel Lane (’17), Lothar Heimbach (’18) , Adrien Castella (’17) and Hannah Friedrichs (’17) respectively. The course was a series of roughly 2.2 kilometre loops which each runner had to run a certain number of times. Mr. Mullens and Isabel Lane (’17) ran this loop 4 times amounting to 10km. Hannah Friedrichs (’17) ran 3 laps which totalled to 7.3km. Miguel Aragon (’17), Lothar Heimback (’18) and Adrien Castella (’17) each ran 2 laps and a total of 5km each. ┬áIn sum, our team received a total time of 2 hours 54 minutes and 25.5 seconds to run 42.2 kilometres! Our time earned us a place of second, just under 1 minute behind the fastest mixed relay marathon team. Overall, we were the 8th fastest relay team out of 141 teams. All runners were happy with their times and the team is excited for SGIS next weekend at home.

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Written by Hannah Friedrichs (’17)

Photograph by Mr. Mullens (Coach)




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