Competitive Tournament for Varsity Volleyball!


Last Saturday, the Varsity volleyball team traveled to Basel to compete in the ISSL tournament. This was our team’s first major tournament of the season. However, we were fit and ready to burst into action.

We started the day with an early awakening to compete at 9
am against ICS. As we have played against ICS many times prior being undefeated, we knew that this would be the perfect opportunity for our main hitters to try new hits. Despite a slow start for ZIS, we won the first set with (25 -9). Following this, we also won the following set and the whole game with a score of (25 – 5).

Our second match was against another known opponent, ISZL, who came out onto the court very strong. Therefore, the lions knew the upcoming game was going to entail fierce competition. Knowing we were previously undefeated against ISZL, we confident in our abilities to beat them. Our instincts were correct as we won both sets with the scores (25 – 16) and (25 -17).

Our third opponent of the day was against TASIS, a rather unknown competitor. Since we had never played against TASIS before, we were excited to see what the upcoming game would hold, whether it be a challenge or an easy win. Our first set was won with a score of (25-10) and the second with (25-16), meaning another victory!

As the final game was approaching, we realized that it would be a tough match for us. Even though, Basel is a familiar competitor our team was tired. We won the first set, however Basel was very strong and won the second set. This score brought us to a third set to break the tie. Despite our setter Frederika Sommer (’19) and strong hitter Natalie Rombel (’17) having persistent great touches on the ball, Basel unfortunately outplayed us and won the third set and thus the game.img_4645

Overall, this tournament gave the varsity volleyball a sense of tough competition. Being the first competitive game of the season, we have great hopes for future tournaments. Furthermore, our last game against Basel has helped us prepare for the D1 teams which we will be versing next weekend in London.


Written by Sarah Felicity Black (’18)


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