Cross Country’s Victory in Lugano


Just before school ended on the 28th of October, many members of the Cross Country team were lined up outside the bus going to Lugano. The bus departed just five minutes before school ended and there was an excited buzz in the air.

Despite this being a friendly tournament, some students were still feeling a bit of pressure. This was the final race before ISSTs and a time to prove just how fast you are. People knew that this year, making the cut for the ISST team would be tough as we have a very strong group of athletes this year.

After a long bus ride through Switzerland we arrived at our destination: Lugano.

After going to the hotel, some students decided to go for a short run to get their legs ready for the race to come. Following the training from Wednesday, tour de hills, one of the toughest cross country workouts of the season, a short run was much needed.

At 7:15 the next morning, the team ate breakfast before boarding the bus at 9:00 to the race location at TASIS. The race course consisted of two loops for the Middle Schoolers and three and a half laps for the Upper Schoolers.

After the course walk and warm ups, the middle school race began. There were some great performances; Nico Baker (‘23) won the MS boys race with a new course record and Ella Frauenlob (‘23) won the MS girls race with another course record. However, the upper schoolers had quite a legacy to live up to.

The Upper School runners were able to do just that. In the boys race, Oliver Hinebauch (‘19) came second despite a recent throat operation. In the Upper School girl race Caitlin Fowlds (‘17)  won with an impressive time of 20:12 on the 5 km course, just 9 seconds short of the course record she set last year. Valorie Monticone (‘20) came second and Anna Clay (‘19) finished third, an outstanding performance from all athletes.

Another impressive achievement came from Kevin Brazile (‘20), who managed to drop four minutes off his 5 km time, a testimony to his effort and tenacity over the

Overall, it was an impressive weekend as the race displayed just how fast the Zurich cross country team has become. Leaving with a win in all four of the team categories and thus and overall victory shows how much hard work we have put into this year’s training.

The ZIS cross country team is very excited to compete in the upcoming ISST’s race in Frankfurt, Germany.


Written by Lukas Frauenlob (‘20)


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