Debate Team Succeeds in First Tournament in London


Last weekend eight students and two teachers went to London for the first ever debate tournament ZIS has been a part of. The debaters had been working very hard for the last week, sacrificing much of their free time to prepare for the upcoming debate tournament.

But it was all worth it when we landed in London. The late nights, the hard work, the constant memorization which we endured to prepare for this debate. Not to say that we disliked this, we learned about many interesting topics; from how to be better at public speaking to US military spending, to the ‘N-word’, normal.

Military spending was looked at by all the debaters, as this was the topic for the public forum debate. The other topics related to original oratories (8-10 minute long speeches), which Max (’19) and Luke (’19) performed in front of a panel of judges.

But all this information could only help you if you knew how to use it – and debated your topic effectively. As this was our first debate tournament ever, this task seemed daunting. And yet many of the debate teams exceeded expectations. Sam Reza (’19) and Max Stroemer (’19) made it all the way to the finals in the public forum debate, and were only defeated by the far more experienced ASL debaters, both of whom had been to several debate tournaments and were in their final year.

There were other stellar performances as well; Luke Baker-Cowling (’19) and Ryan Wallrafen-Sam (’19) made the semifinals, Greta Hjärre (’19) came third in speaker points for public forum and Olivia Ravery (’19) came first in the same category. Luke Baker-Cowling tied for first in the Original Oratory and received and orange book to match his hair as his prize. Max also gave an emotional and touching speech about being normal – and his own relationship with this. Also notable to mention is Isabel Jascsz (’19) who also did incredibly well.

Considering that this was the first debate tournament that ZIS participated in, the team was highly successful, and the achievement can be credited to hard work the debaters put in and the expertise of Mr. Peake.

A special thanks Mrs. Taylor who was our other chaperone on our trip to London.

Written by Lucas Frauenlob

Photography by a random debater from Morocco who we forced to take this photo.


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