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THIMUN, a club offered at school in which students travel to The Hague, Holland to partake in a conference held in the World Forum Convention Center, stands for The Hague International Model United Nations. While at this conference us students are able to speak about a select number issues, all in need of dire resolutions. This gives students a voice regarding the global issues and promotes collaborative work between students of diverse backgrounds from many international schools. I have personally been to THIMUN as a delegate before and I believe that it is an amazing experience for students which are interested in the happenings of the United Nations, as this serves as a simulation of the United Nations.

The club itself works for months on preparing these students for the upcoming conference in January (no pressure). The preparations include making speeches regarding the committee they are most interested in and why, formulating policy statements about the topics on the agenda of their specific committee, writing resolutions to the issues, learning the conduct of the conference and much more. It’s safe to say that MUN is no easy club. Despite months of extensive preparation prior to the conference, it is nerve-wracking for the delegate’s to participate in the conference. Thankfully they are well prepared and come to the conference with knowledge of relevant events and are ready to discuss potential solutions.

With the departure of the ZIS MUN team being just around the corner, there are elevated levels of stress the delegates are facing, beyond that however there is great excitement. In this stressful time, I have had the great opportunity to speak to a few of the soon to be delegates about their feelings towards the conference.

Elodie Vercoutere (’18) has been a member of the MUN The Hague club for 3 years now and this will therefore will be her third conference in The Hague. She stated that she was, “very excited” for the upcoming conference although was also aware that there would be differences this year. When asked how this year will differ from the others Elodie revealed that she is, “the ambassador this year and for the first time in GA5”. Being in a new committee will change for her, as in GA5, “There’s a new focus on administration and budgetary for globalization matters.”

Overall, the THIMUN team is very enthusiastic about their upcoming trip and are preparing a great deal to successfully partake in the conference.

Written by Sarah Felicity Black (‘18)

Photography by: Junes


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