Don’t Dump on Trump


If you’ve watched or read the news recently, you know that many news outlets called President Trump’s first dance with wife Melania at the inaugural ball “awkward” or “painful.” If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you know that Barron Trump, a ten year old, was the subject of many mean-spirited tweets, one even described him as “this country’s first homeschool shooter.” If you’ve been on Instagram recently, you have seen the memes that poke fun at the size of the crowd at Trump’s inauguration and how closely his cake resembled President Obama’s. For some, a Trump presidency is a nightmare. Although everyone has a right to their own opinion, Trump is the president and he needs to be respected.

President Trump is aware that there are many problems in America. In fact, that was the basis of his campaign- restoring America to its former glory. It’s disappointing that, with all the promises he made to the middle class about getting their jobs back and his vow to stop illegal immigration, the first issues Trump has chosen to focus on are the Keystone pipeline and abortion.

The Keystone pipeline, a huge oil pipeline system that is slated to run from Canada to Nebraska that was first commissioned in 2010, was rejected by Obama in order to protect the environment. According to Mr. Trump, this will bring 28,000 jobs back to America, which is why it is a top priority for him.

On his first day as president, Trump signed a ban on federal money going towards international groups that support and perform abortions. This won’t affect abortions in America, but it does confirm Mr. Trump’s stance on the subject. Although he has not really taken steps to fulfill most of his campaign promises, his supporters take comfort in the knowledge that, if Trump’s first days in office are a sign of how the rest of his presidency will go, there will be changes made in America.

Recently, Mr. Trump signed an order to begin construction on the wall on the American-Mexican border. This wall, a campaign promise, has been the subject of many memes and jokes, however, it’s not a bad idea. The guards who patrol the border endorsed Mr. Trump because of this idea, and they, as a group, have never endorsed a presidential nominee before.

While President Trump may be focusing on inessential issues, his critics are, too. They take advantage of the fact that he is passionate and defends himself, which sometimes causes him to say foolish things, which they further mock. Furthermore, it’s cruel to make fun of him for the size of his inaugural crowd. The bulk of Mr. Trump’s voters make less than $100,000 per year and many do not live around Washington, D.C. This could account for why many didn’t show up. For the critics of his inaugural dance: It’s awkward to dance alone on a stage with so many people watching. Anyone would have danced in a “painful” way. Most importantly, Barron Trump, who is a little boy, should be completely off-limits from any kind of criticism.

No matter how you feel about Trump, it’s important to keep in mind that he is the president and deserves a level of respect. Trump should be judged on his actions as a president, not on his inaugural ball. Many wonder, mockingly, what Trump’s IQ is. However, he is smarter than his critics give him credit for. Only time will tell if he follows through on some of his more outlandish promises, and if he actually does make America great again. I think, in four years, many of his detractors will be pleasantly surprised by what he accomplishes.

Written by Katie Schupp (’18)

Photography by: Karl-Ludwig Poggemann (Flickr user)


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