XC Mountain Training Weekend


This weekend 32 XC runners went up to Melchsee-Frutt over the weekend. This experience is different for everyone so I thought I’d share a range of experiences and wisdom shared by many members of the team.


Unanimous twelfth grader (‘18):

“Whilst meandering through the crepuscular Melchsee-Frutt, I stared up at the stars and realized all I saw was fog. The sweat of the runners around me evaporated faster than my hopes and aspirations.

It’s not so much, as to little has to do with what everything is. It is in fact within our self-interest to find the topography of our lives, unto ourselves.”

Carrie Smith (‘21):

“I really liked how I was able to meet so many new people. Since I’m a ninth grader, I haven’t had the chance to get to know that many people, but this trip helped me find new friends to talk to and run with.”

Valérie Monticone (‘20):

“This is my second year traveling to Melchsee-Frutt but I am always astounded by the magical feeling of the snow shimmering on the mountains. While running through tiny, rocky paths and slipping on sow, the team bonds strengthen even more.”

Liam Castelli (‘18):

“I stood alone looking at the view. I was going to miss it. The lake, the mountains, the views and the snow. The team. The laughter and the sweat and the struggles we each faced throughout our adventure. It was going to be hard. I hope I come back, but I know I won’t. I turn my back on the view and rejoin the team. Goodbye Melchsee-frutt.”

Simran Raheja (‘19):

“My second year at mountain training weekend and and I feel just as, if not more, lucky to run in the most breathtaking scenery. During this strenuous weekend, each run is rewarded by an irreplaceable feeling of hard work and achievement.  The camaraderie of the team is just as important in making this weekend as special as it is. And I feel very lucky to be a part of it.”

Molly Mullens (Coach):

“I was Impressed by how supportive and positive athletes were during the runs and cooking and camp fire and I was also impressed by how far everyone ran – some people nearly ran full marathons.”

Written by Lucas Frauenlob (‘20)

Photo by Mr. Mullens (coach)


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