13th annual Film Festival


For the 13th annual year Zurich will host a film festival to celebrate  movies. Any person who likes movies should get excited about an event that is specifically dedicated to motion pictures and filmmaking. The festival offers audiences insight into the work of the most promising filmmakers from around the world. From September 28th to October 8th cinemas all over Zurich will screen movies from participants all over the world – which includes both emerging and renowned filmmakers. The festival also screens older movies made by the guests of honor that will attend this year.

One of the biggest attraction to the festival are the guests of honor, who are the well known celebrities people will want to take a picture with. This year a couple of stars will be coming over to walk Zurich’s famous green carpet, Zurich’s take on the Red Carpet. One of these celebrities is Academy award nominated actor Andrew Garfield, most known for playing Spider Man in the Amazing Spider Man series, who will be presenting his new movie “Breathe”.  Another actor (who is also academy award nominated) coming is Jake Gyllenhaal, known for his performances in Brokeback Mountain, Nightcrawler and many more, who will present his new movie “Stronger”. Another less well known highlight is Academy award winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, known for writing films such as the Social Network as well as  his quippy and fast paced writing style. He will receive a Career Achievement award for his work in the Film industry and present “Molly’s Game”, his directorial debut.

The film festival also hosts numerous other events which aren’t just watching movies, for example there will be a whole area that will be dedicated to watching short films created for Virtual Reality. There are numerous other events like a concert/music competition and ZFF Talks that offers people from various sectors the opportunity to explore and discuss controversial issues currently affecting the fields of culture, science and politics. Two other events are ZFF Masters which are discussions that focus on the careers of people in the movie industry. This year one of the Master will be on actor Andy Serkis and how he’s revolutionized the art of Motion capture in film. Another huge event that is being hosted is “A conversation with…” which will be hosted by famous environmentalist, Al Gore. Finally for anyone feeling creative, there will be a competition held starting September 20 called ZFF 72, a competition where you have 72 hours to make a 72 second movie about a given theme. To sign up you will need to visit the Zurich Film Festival Website.

As you can see Zurich Film festival offers a wide variety of new experiences and dozens of movies to watch. Though I will not recommend any movies in this article there are dozens of movies that will be presented that are each diverse and unique and there will be something for everyone. All movies can  be seen on the Zurich Film festival website.  Even if you don’t want to watch any movies you can still enjoy and take in the festival as areas such as the Opera house plaza are transformed into loud and exciting places for people to have fun in. This festival is not as popular as the Cannes or Venice Film Festival however Zurich Film Festival has been rapidly growing over its decade old lifespan. Last year an estimated 90,000 visitors attended the festival and more are expected to come this year. On September 19th the ticket sales will begin, they can be bought online or in ticket booths spread across the city. So get those tickets quickly, because you don’t want to miss out on one of Zurich’s biggest events.






Written by Simon Ordonez (’20)

Edited by Lucas Frauenlob (’20)


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