Senior Retreat to Davos


After lunch on August 29, 126 seniors and their advisors left school on buses headed for Davos for the annual senior retreat. While Tuesday afternoon was spent participating in a variety of non-academic activities, on Wednesday, the seniors were able to relieve some of their stress in regards to their schoolwork and college applications.

After arriving in Davos on Tuesday, the students took part in activities that they had signed up for before leaving. Students had the opportunity to go tobogganing, to a ropes course, walking, hiking, visit an art museum, and use a sports facility. These activities allowed the seniors to relax before their busy day on Wednesday.

After dinner, the entire grade walked to a bowling alley where they were able to play ping pong, air hockey, arcade games, pool, and darts, and, of course, bowl.


Dasha Cheremushkina, a senior, explained that “The senior retreat was amazing, especially due to the fact that we got to spend Tuesday relaxing instead of stressing about work. The bowling was really fun and a good way to spend time with your friends, since we’re all really busy at the moment,”


The next day, the students walked to the Davos Congress Centre. There they took part in sessions that were aimed to lessen their workload.


The opening speech was given by Mr. Switzer. He expressed to the students that instead of attempting to be successful or happy when they’re older, they should focus on being good people.


Most students were involved in either UCAS (for students applying to British universities) or Common Application (for students applying to American universities) workshops.


“I got a lot of work done on my personal statement, but I felt like the sessions were too short,” said Matteo Caporusso, a senior.


A mandatory session called “Who Are You?” took on the topic of sexual assault. There were also general and Extended Essay workrooms.

After the six 45 minute blocks, students and teachers boarded the buses home. Mr. Risch, a math teacher, described the trip as “fun” but that he wished that it had not been followed the next day by classes. He stated that when he woke up on Thursday, he “was sure it was the weekend.”


Written by: Katie Schupp (’18)

Images: Mathilde Hellerup (‘18)



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